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Domnok Chheam Nak Klahan[EP.46] - Srokmov


Chaov kroum Rikreay (Chinese Drama)

Lbern Lan Phdach Proleng is a Chinese drama that tells the story of a young woman, Lan Phdach, as she struggles to find her place in the world. Lan Phdach is a bright and talented student, but she feels lost in the world of academia. She joins a research group led by a renowned professor, but she quickly discovers that the professor is a bitter and dictatorial man. Lan Phdach is determined to find her own path in life, and she eventually finds her way to the professor's research group. But will she be able to find her place in the professor's world? Lbern Lan Phdach Proleng

In this story, there is love, comedy, laughter, crying, mixed and good to watch only for adults, Chinese version

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